Hello! And welcome to Wonder Women, you wonderful woman, you! Let me tell you a little about why I created this site…

I had two people very close to me have babies in the last 12 months. During that time, I started getting very interested in pre and post natal healthcare, so I decided to attend a 3 day workshop run by Carolyne Anthony – the Pre and Post Natal Pilates Specialist Program. During these 3 days, my eyes were completely opened to the complex needs of these women – as well as a lot of gory details I wasn’t expecting to hear!

From there, I realised there is a wealth of misinformation out there, thrown at women in all forms of media, creating an unhealthy and unrealistic standard to aspire to. I saw there was not only a negative body image ideal being created, but also this idea that anything “less than” a “natural birth” is a sign of failure by the mother. I also realised that it was not easy to find healthcare professionals who specialise or who have a special interest in women’s health. So I felt the need to make it really easy for women to find anyone they may need, all in the one place.

This is where my project started. Who knows where it will finish.